Pros and Cons of Networking in a Business Club: Unveiling the Laughs and Lessons

Aug 30, 2023

Written by Jacob Wright BA Hons, DipPFS, CII (MP&ER)

Salt & Light Financial Services

GBC Committee Member 2023

While the benefits of connecting with like-minded professionals are clear, there’s a dash of humour that accompanies these interactions, as well as a few lessons to be learned along the way.

Expanded Opportunities: Networking is bit like speed dating for professionals. I’ve often found myself swapping business cards with 20 different people in such a short space of time. But, I never know who will turn out to be my next client or who I might be connected to and that is an exciting place to be.

Knowledge Sharing: Engaging discussions on business can quickly turn into passionate debates about the best way to brew the perfect cup of coffee, as I learned a couple of weeks ago. Learning that your industry peer moonlights as a coffee aficionado adds a personable layer of richness to the experience.

Enhanced Visibility: When it comes to networking, there is always the opportunity to stand up and tell everyone who I am, what I do and how I help clients. It’s a bit of enhanced visibility. The business club offers me the chance to showcase my talents beyond numbers and forecasts. It turns me from robot to human, all in about 30 seconds!

Skill Development: Mastering the art of networking involves honing my conversational skills. From mastering the art of gracefully ending a conversation to navigating a cup of coffee while clutching a breakfast roll, I normally leave with a skill set akin to a circus juggler.

In the grand tapestry of networking, Grantham Business Club gives me the ability to make real, tangible relationships with other professionals. So, don your metaphorical networking cape and venture forth into the world of Grantham Business Club where opportunity awaits!

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