meet our wonderful committee

shaun whiting


Director and Wealth Management Consultant at Price Whiting Hodgson Financial Planning.

Shaun was born in Nottingham and now lives in Sleaford with his wife has two daughters. He worked at Lloyds Banking Group for 27 years in Personal, Business and Commercial Banking leaving there in 2017 to join St James’s Place Wealth Management Group.

Shaun commenced working in Grantham in January 2018 at Hodgson Solutions with Chartered Financial Planner Andy Hodgson and upon Andy’s semi-retirement established Price Whiting Hodgson Financial Planning with fellow Director and Business Partner Tom Price. He’s keen to play a part in the Business Club to learn more about the town and its fabulous mix of local businesses also bringing experience from previously Chairing other local clubs and charities in Lincolnshire.

deborah wylie

committee member

In terms of business, Deborah has developed a patchwork career, from large corporate sales of IT and HR through to retail. 

Life’s many twists and turns have seen Deborah take on diverse roles such as a mystery shopper, bricklayer’s labourer and a host of volunteering!

Deborah is a qualified Coach, NLP Practitioner and Licenced Personality Profiler/Trainer and brings these skills, along with her background as a Senior Carer, to her Will Writing business with Honey Legal, applying an empathic and supportive approach to an often difficult subject.

She’s also a keen connector of people, especially those starting out in business and brings this to the Exec for Grantham Business Club.

paul green

committee member

Engaging with businesses across Grantham & the South Kesteven District to provide general business support.

Coming from an entrepreneurial and business background ranging from startup to corporate businesses brings an understanding of business.   I can work with and support local businesses in a number of ways.

Working on the exec committee of GBC allows me  to give some practical help, support and engagement to the local business community.

brigitte peach

committee member & secretary

In 2007 I founded Languages for Life Ltd. I am a native German speaker and a fully qualified teacher, technical translator and interpreter with many years of experience in corporate environments, schools (up to A-Level), further education and university. Languages for Life Ltd, offer translations, interpreting and language tuition.

My family and I knew very little about Grantham when we moved here in 2002, just that it had good schools and fast train connections to London. Nowadays, partially through The Grantham Business Club, we are well informed about the town and its present and future plans. The GBC is a friendly, supportive networking forum, a place where I meet like-minded business people, some who have become good friends.

andrew martin

committee member & vice-chair

Hi, I’m Andrew, I am a serial entrepreneur and professional business networker with a few different businesses under my belt. I have always enjoyed connecting people and find it very rewarding when I see business owners connecting. Hence creating Success Networking back in 2019 when I moved to Lincolnshire.

I also help business owners to leverage their time and money (on a passive basis) to earn a side income on the foreign exchange markets (this is were the banks make the big bucks!) This business has seen massive growth over the last few years as people are more open to the idea of multiple streams of income, and simply fed up of petty returns on savings and bank accounts.

Always happy to have a chat – who I can connect you with, or how can I help you?

sarah woulds

committee member

I specialise in commercial recruitment here at Reflect Recruitment, located at our Grantham office (we have four in total, Lincoln and Newark and Nottingham) and for me personally there’s a great sense of pride placing good local people to good local companies; we want to keep our local economies growing!

I personally cover not only Lincolnshire, but other counties including Rutland, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire. I have a huge passion for local independent companies (that’s why I work for one!) and for me there’s no better feeling than seeing our local towns brimmed with local business – not to mention connecting local businesses to one another.

I’m always happy to have a chat – just ask anyone who knows me!

cameron ford

committee member

With over ten years in Grantham in the centre of the Market Place, Reflect Recruitment Group has survived and thrived in an incredibly competitive market since 2006. Unlike most similar businesses, it payrolls temporary staff directly, not through third party or umbrella companies, therefore paying full employers NI and holiday pay contributions. If you are considering extra staff for your business, either on a temporary or permanent basis, please talk to us to understand how our service works. Although there is a cost, the saving to you in time and effort will far outweigh that cost.

For temporary, short term or permanent staff, we offer a money back guarantee, that’s how confident we are that we will find you the right person.

richard davies

committee member

As well as being the local county councillor for Grantham West, which includes the town centre, I am the executive councillor for highways and transport at Lincolnshire County Councillor. I am responsible for ensuring that Lincolnshire’s 5,500 miles of road continue to meet the needs of both residents and businesses.

Tens of millions of pounds are invested in maintaining and improving our roads each year, and Richard sees that this money is used as effectively as possible. That includes oversight of major infrastructure projects, such as the £99m Lincoln Eastern Bypass and £81m Grantham Southern Relief Road, which are essential to the county’s future prosperity. Outside of the local authority Richard runs a small technology business.

ben addlesee

committee member

I was born and raised in Grantham before moving to university in Sheffield to study economics and finance.

I returned to Grantham from university in 2019 to take up a role within financial services, I started my current position in 2021 as a financial advisor at Price Whiting Hodgson Financial Planning on Avenue Road. My role involves working with individuals, families and businesses to understand their financial circumstances, help establish their financial goals and guiding them on a suitable path. I specialise in retirement planning but cover all aspects of financial planning such as IHT, investments, protection/insurance and mortgages. Based in the centre of town, we offer a no-obligation initial meeting so please come in for a drink and see what we are all about.

I have been involved with the business club for a couple of years now taking on my committee role in April 2021.

Outside of work I live locally with my fiancé and our cocker spaniel.