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andrew martin


I like to think myself a serial entrepreneur, this passion began straight from school where I joined the family floristry business in North London. My journey has always been driven by a deep-seated passion for both business and creativity and I’m very proud of my achievement’s building up the brand and developing the team until I sold the business in 2016.

While my floral endeavours are now a thing of the past, I’ve embarked on a diverse career path, venturing into multiple income streams. Notably, I serve as the Editor of LivingLife Publications, which produces community magazines based in Hertfordshire. Moreover, I’ve gained recognition for my role as an advocate of Business Networking, culminating in the creation of Success Networking back in 2019. This venture aims to empower businesses by fostering growth through proactive networking.

In my view, an adept networker is essentially a “people connector,” and this principle underpins my daily efforts. I firmly believe that networking is a skill that can be nurtured and honed. Consequently, I spend a lot of time speaking on this subject and try to add as much value as I can with keynote talks at various events.

I look forward to connecting and engaging with you soon!

Andrew Martin
Success Networking
07957 333226


paul green


Coming from an entrepreneurial and business background ranging from startup to corporate businesses brings me a wide understanding of business. I work with and support the local business community in a number of ways.

In my role as Head of Membership at Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce I work with many different size, types and sectors of business, and am able to fully support Grantham Business Club and its members to support and help develop.

Over 20 years involvement in Grantham Business Club and it’s predecessor group brings a good experience and working knowledge of the local business environment and network.

Working on the exec committee of GBC allows me to give some practical help, support and engagement to the vibrant local business community.

Paul Green
Head of Membership
01522 523333 | 07523 695861

Commerce House, Carlton Boulevard, Lincoln LN2 4WJ
www.lincs-chamber.co.uk | www.lincolnshirefoodanddrink.co.uk


brigitte peach


In 2007 I founded Languages for Life Ltd. I am a native German speaker and a fully qualified teacher, technical translator and interpreter with many years of experience in corporate environments, schools (up to A-Level), further education and university. Languages for Life Ltd, offer translations, interpreting and language tuition.

My family and I knew very little about Grantham when we moved here in 2002, just that it had good schools and fast train connections to London. Nowadays, partially through The Grantham Business Club, we are well informed about the town and its present and future plans. The GBC is a friendly, supportive networking forum, a place where I meet like-minded business people, some who have become good friends.

sarah woulds

committee member

I specialise in Industrial and Commercial Recruitment here at Reflect Recruitment, located at our Grantham office (we have four in total, Lincoln and Newark and Nottingham) and for me personally there’s a great sense of pride placing good local people to good local companies; we want to keep our local economies growing!

I personally cover not only Lincolnshire, but other counties including Rutland, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire. I have a huge passion for local independent companies (that’s why I work for one!) and for me there’s no better feeling than seeing our local towns brimmed with local business – not to mention connecting local businesses to one another.

I’m always happy to have a chat – just ask anyone who knows me!

Executive Manager
Reflect Recruitment Grantham

deborah wylie

committee member

In terms of business, Deborah has developed a patchwork career, from large corporate sales of IT and HR through to retail. Life’s many twists and turns have seen Deborah take on diverse roles such as a mystery shopper, bricklayer’s labourer and a host of volunteering!

Deborah is a qualified Coach, NLP Practitioner and Licenced Personality Profiler/Trainer and brings these skills, along with her background as a Senior Carer, to her Will Writing business with Honey Legal, applying an empathic and supportive approach to an often difficult subject.

She’s also a keen connector of people, especially those starting out in business and brings this to the Exec for Grantham Business Club.

michelle wright

committee member

I’m Michelle, Mrs Stylewright, a Personal Stylist and Colour Analyst based in the East Midlands. I am in the business of making people feel fabulous and create the impression they want to make through what they wear, regardless of size or shape. I do this through body shape analysis, colour analysis, looking at your personal style, going through your wardrobe and personal shopping – both online and in person. I can do this on a one-to-one basis or groups. I hold regular workshops, presentations and Swish events, and you’ll find me on social media giving hints and tips and my very humble opinion!


jacob wright

committee member

My aim is to help clients achieve ‘financial freedom’.

Simply put, this is the ability to live your life on your own terms and to have the financial resources to do so.

To do achieve this we work together to answer these three questions:
Can I spend my money how I want to, now and in the future?
Will I run out of money?
If I have any spare money, can I pass it to my wife/children/partner etc.

Your money, property, investments and pensions etc. are just a way to facilitate the lifestyle that you want to live.

The earlier you start planning your finances, the better your chances are to achieve your financial goals.

It shouldn’t be any more complicated than that.
I’m excited to bring these thoughts to Grantham Business Club

Jacob Wright BA Hons, DipPFS, CII (MP&ER)
Director & Financial Planner
Salt & Light Financial Services Limited
M. +44 (0) 7771 310791 
E.  jacob.wright@sjpp.co.uk W. www.saltandlightfs.co.uk

david rhodes

committee member

Owner of Cost Smart Consultancy helping business reduce their costs in the areas of Merchant Services, Utilities and Communications.

With a background in Chartered Accountancy and over 30 years running a number of businesses, gaining invaluable experience during my career.

In the 1990’s I was a consultant in the petrol industry advising major petrol operators from Shell, Esso, BP, Elf and Total on the profitability of their service stations.

During the 2000’s I operated as a business transfer agent.

I also owned a village store and become a sub postmaster was a finance broker, ran business referral networking groups for 15 years.

Contact:  07510 013851

ingrid dean

committee member

Hi, I am Ingrid, I’m the owner of Together Bridal, and ID Homes a property business. When I’m not busy with those, you’ll likely find me teaching exercise classes; after 30 years of working in the leisure industry, I decided to use my hobbies as part of my business.

At Together Bridal you’ll discover a carefully curated collection of bridal gowns that celebrate your individuality. Whether you envision a classic fairytale wedding, a modern chic affair, or something entirely your own, I’m here to guide you in finding the gown that speaks to your heart.

I joined the Grantham Business Club committee to help bring businesses together. I piloted the new Retailers Event to give the businesses on the high street and beyond the chance to meet with fellow business owners. I’m passionate about collaborative business and hope to see this event go from strength to strength.

Drop me a message or speak to me at the next GBC meeting!
T: 07535 828106
E: hello@togetherbridal.co.uk

flick hamnett-day

committee member

Hi, I’m Flick, and my business is Social Dragonfly. I help businesses to fly on social media. I offer training and support for your business as well as full account management services.

I have a passion for helping businesses thrive online and get the most from their social media. I understand the unique challenges faced by independently owned businesses, and I’m committed to tailoring my services to meet their specific needs.

I joined the Grantham Business Committee to help grow their social media presence and to be a part of a team that works to support and promote local independent businesses. I have also joined the Retailers Event sub-committee and actively support the businesses of our wonderful town.

Since I launched my business in 2022, I’ve greatly enjoyed getting to know the businesses from Grantham and the surrounding areas. I’d love to have a chat with you.

Drop me a message or speak to me at the next GBC meeting!
T: 07595 824696
E: flick@socialdragonfly.co.uk